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The growth and institutionalization of the private investment industry has disintermediated sophisticated investors from playing an active role in the investment process. Grafine Partners brings sophisticated investors back to the forefront, where they belong.

Formed in 2019 by Elizabeth Weymouth, Grafine is dedicated to building best-in-class investment businesses by partnering with talented dealmakers and curating deal flow for our select network of capital partners.

Grafine’s Origin

Grafine’s Origin

Graphene is a two-dimensional allotrope of carbon, consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice.

It is the strongest material known to humankind and is remarkably transparent, making it an unparalleled material for a variety of applications.

“Rather than look back in two decades and wonder what might have been, today’s environment presents a unique opportunity for sophisticated LPs to engage directly with deal makers and meaningfully shape and influence the institutionalization of their offerings.”

Elizabeth Weymouth
Elizabeth Weymouth, Founder & Managing Partner

from Buyouts Magazine, January 2022

A purpose-built, proven team

Grafine’s seasoned and multidisciplinary team combines investment, structuring and industry specialists to be the partner of choice for proven dealmakers


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